Some writing about writing.


Writing is my opportunity to pause, take stock, and refocus.   My poems explore and record my spiritual journey, key life events, my struggles with obesity, and my impressions of political and social events.

Writing has been art and craft, creation and recreation, prayer and diary, passion and relaxation, sedation and seduction, microscope and telescope, celebration, eulogy, and memoir and souvenir.


Writing Groups


In a coffee shop in Reston, VA, a rack with several poetry books led me to the Lake Anne Poetry Group.  That was my first encounter with a writers’ group, and I have been hooked on them ever since.

I am grateful to my friends at Writers 4 All Seasons, Poets Anonymous and the Lake Ann Poets Group, whose constructive feedback and encouragement have been invaluable to my writing and personal growth.  A big thank you to Local Gems Press, whose initial publication of my poems gave me confidence and motivated me to keep on writing.

I am a strong believer in writing groups; in 2022, I started a new writing group at my senior community in Lakeland, Florida.


Writing and Publishing


With their encouragement and feedback, I have published over two dozen poems in journals and anthologies since 2016.

My First Poetry Collection


Soul Tracks: My First Poetry Collection featured poems about my spiritual journey.

The seascape cover points to the frequent use of water in spiritual imagery. But for me, the sea represented my first testing the waters of publishing.  I loved it. I floated.

This was a very limited edition, a Christmas 2020 present for family and friends. You can find it here.