My new collection, dreams drumbeats heartbeats, includes poems at the intersection of memories, presence, and hope. The three sections of the book are directional signs:

Dreams and Beyond celebrates spirituality and creativity, in a world where “a restless genius wove exotic bright yellow petals through my life and i became one with sunflowers.”

Drumbeats warns about the attitudes, events, and violence that threaten us, fierce poems that “reach down your throat to grab your heart in a bloody verbal fist… [where] casual conversation is a hoax.”

Heartbeats and Other Signs of Life explores life events like parenting, relationships, illness and dying, since “defrosting poetry for survival…is not a gentle project…”

Sometimes, I try to synch my life with the pace of my knowledge of current events; most of the time,  that leaves me scrambling, as I felt when I wrote  the title poem, dreams drumbeats heartbeats.

Other times, daily news is a pounding headache; the speed and repetition, with no let up, is overwhelming.  That’s when I wrote fear and silence, a warning and mourning about crimes against children.

I hope you enjoy these poems.

You can buy dreams drumbeats heartbeats here.