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Rocks and Rainbows reflects some of the contradictions that are life. Rocks are both rough and solid; rainbows are colorful yet transparent. Besides, my niece Allyssa painted this rock and gave it to me in 2004.  We have weathered 17 years and 3 moves together. Now, we both rest at my desk.

My early poems were produced in high school and college, using a completely different process. I wrote

  • on a manual typewriter
  • on plain white paper
  • with a white liquid ink to paint over the errors.
  • then I readjusted the paper in its feeder, and
  • typed correct letters over the dried white ink.

Or, when I could afford it, I used erasable bondspaper instead of the white ink.

In case you are too young to remember manual typewriters, (or if you remember and you want a laugh) see the photos of a manual typewriter and a sample of the print product below.