Spring, Resurrection, and Connecting.

So here we are again.

As I write this, the COVID-19 pandemic has become an ironic icon of the 2020 spring season. What is usually a time of renewal, resurrection, and rebirth, has become a time of illness, dread, and division.  Coronavirus has dominated the news for several months.  With a vengeance, it has entered homes and workplaces, leaving people in fear, sick, or dying.  Even the act of staying at home begins to weave layers of fear around us: When can I go out?  Where?  Should I?

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Rocks and Rainbows.   

Welcome to my first blog (or weblog). I am not surprised to be doing this. I have been under pandemic house arrest for 52 days, and I am restless.  This blog is something I have been putting off for ages.

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