Welcome to my first website.  I’ve been writing poems since my ‘teens, but only recently have I been sharing them. 

This site brings you information about my first poetry collection, to be published later this year. I hope you will order a copy for yourself; follow the link below. You can also find some other poems that I’ve written, and information about others that are already published. 

You will also find some writing about writing.   Writing is my opportunity to pause, take stock, and refocus.   I write poems to get to the heart of a situation and emerge with deeper understanding.  Some common things reveal deeper meanings. Some stories have surprise endings.  Some things are just different in themselves. Words communicate in so many ways: sound, rhythm, shades of meaning—words fascinate me.  This is what challenges me to write.  

Writing has been necessity, passion, creation, recreation, sedation, microscope, telescope, celebration, eulogy, and souvenir.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my life and my work with you.  

© Joanne Alfano

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