Welcome to this space where writing is honored.

Writing is how I explore and record my spiritual journey, key life events, my struggles with obesity, and my impressions of political and social events.

Words carry the message in sound, rhythm, shades of meaning; sometimes, even the silence between words speaks to me.  When I grab a pen or stumble through the keyboard, I find challenge and satisfaction.

With great joy, I offer this new poetry collection:

dreams drumbeats heartbeats is set to published in late 2022.  Meet the book and sample several poems.

Check out some of my writing projects, my writing life, and my new book.  Use the tools on this site to share your comments, views, questions, and pictures for the gallery. I welcome your participation.

All writing is, in some way, about life. This is a site about writing, about writing about writing, about reading the writing, and about sharing the writing.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my life and my work with you.

Peace and all good,

Joanne Alfano