Writing about life often involves facing a paradox.  I have chosen Rocks N Rainbows  as a brand for my work.  Rocks are rough and solid.  Rainbows are colorful yet transparent. Together, they become an image that embraces some of those opposites. See the original Rock in the Photo Gallery.


Growing into poetry


A few years ago, I found a batch of poems and illustrations dating back to high school.  I realized that much of my life, beliefs, opinions, and world view were distilled on poems that glittered with memories, key moments written and unconsciously saved for later reading.

Since then, I write regularly in journals and diaries, on restaurant napkins and paper placemats.  It’s as if someone is always in my ear, saying “watch this”, “remember this”, “what does this mean for you?”  Rarely does someone ask my opinion and get away without hearing it.

The winding path from college liberal arts to systems development manager, to confirmed writer has been challenging and fun. My background permeates my writing; my poetry allows us to:

  • reflect the passion for literature, philosophy, and spirituality that I first discovered in college;
  • explore the art of balancing marriage, parenting, and career;
  • record the challenges of a female manager in a predominately male-–and sometimes military—work environment.
  • demonstrate (not consciously) the analytical skills that I honed in systems development, functional analysis, and project management.


Personal stuff


I am a cis gender, over-65, disabled and morbidly obese woman.  I spent my early life in York (PA) with my Sicilian-American family and Catholic schools; then, on to Pittsburgh (PA)  for college and graduate school.  I am now retired from Federal service and live in Lakeland (FL) with my life partner.  I enjoy my family, writing and reading, old movies, and creative play with my granddaughter.