The Nightly Weaving

First Published in Poets Anonymous 25 and Beyond, Local Gems Press, 2018


The nightly weaving
The nightly leaving

No shower
just a quick slide under the covers
punch up the pillows
and begin the nightly leaving:
all fall with the soiled clothing
that carried them in this body today.

I remember
the nightly leavings you took
each one to a spot further away on the king-size bed
leaving behind promises on wrinkled bed linens.

Tonight while I am in the dark, alone
waiting for some dream
I fake the nightly weaving:
content to sleep with no one beside me
facing the silent echoes of your back
from that bed miles and years away
and remind myself that – in some ways —
I am the surviving remnant
of your nightly leaving.
and you – poor fool – left the best behind.


© Joanne Alfano

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