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Growing Into Poetry  

I grew up in Pennsylvania and began writing as a child.  A few years ago, I scanned all the remains into one big document.  I was astonished to find that much of my life, ideas, feelings, opinions, and world view were distilled on those pages.  At that moment, I considered that I might be a writer.


The Path: English Major, to Systems Development Manager, to Confirmed Writer

The winding trail from college major (in English and philosophy), to the manager of development and testing for a large federal human resource system, to a confirmed and affirmed writer has been both challenging and fun.  Now, in my retirement, writing is art, craft, creation, recreation, necessity, passion, sedation, seduction, microscope, telescope, celebration, eulogy, and memoir.



I am grateful to my friends at Writers 4 All Seasons, Poets Anonymous and the Lake Ann Poets Group, whose constructive feedback and encouragement have been invaluable to my writing and personal growth.  A big thank you to Nick Hale at Local Gems Press, whose initial publication of my poems gave me confidence and motivated me to keep on writing.  


Writers 4 All Seasons, Lakeland, FL (Facebook)

 Prepare to listen, share and read.  Writers 4 all Seasons meets on alternate Saturdays.  They write fiction, science fiction, historical novels, columns, poems, short stories –   readings that are varied and interesting.    If you choose to read, the others will give you constructive feedback. Sometimes we start off with a writing prompt, or a mini-lesson on some facet of writing or publishing. We share, learn and grow together.


Poets Anonymous, Fairfax, VA  

Longest Running Open Mic in the Area, Since 1991  

They are an eclectic mix of poets who like to share poetry in an open, non-threatening venue. They share inspiration with each other and other artists. They have had collaborations with several other poetry groups as well as ekphrastic poetry/painters in the DC Metro area. Their 25th anniversary anthology is available through Amazon.



I am a cis gender, over-65, disabled and severely obese woman.  I enjoy family, writing and reading, old movies, and creative play with my granddaughter.  Besides, do you know any other writers who can play the accordion?

If you want to know more, you can find me on Facebook.


About the Rock     


“Life, rocks and rainbows” affirms my world view; besides, I have kept this painted rock for over sixteen years, and it’s time to thank my niece for the inspiration.


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