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Spring, Resurrection, and Connecting.

Apr 8, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

So here we are again.


As I write this, the COVID-19 pandemic has become an ironic icon of the 2020 spring season. What is usually a time of renewal, resurrection, and rebirth, has become a time of illness, dread, and division.  Coronavirus has dominated the news for several months.  With a vengeance, it has entered homes and workplaces, leaving people in fear, sick, or dying.  Even the act of staying at home begins to weave layers of fear around us: When can I go out?  Where?  Should I?


A few weeks ago, we celebrated Easter.  I had used videoconferencing for years before I retired in 2012; but remote worship is a new experience for me.  It only emphasized my belief that the walls of a church cannot set limits on the creator, and that the creator is with me, anytime, anywhere.  “Where two or three are gathered in my name…”


I have done a few other things, but not “gather”.  This is not a time to gather.


Sometimes I push away from others, emotionally or physically.  A social distance.  I participated in remote Holy Week and Easter Service.  This remoteness has affected my soul as well– I tried my best, but I could not “get inside the tomb”, I could not feel the touch of another’s sign of peace.  I was afraid that without touch and proximity, little would remain.  But I will keep at it.  These videoconferences are virtual communities of worship and action. Technology that has often been seen as “the enemy” of spirituality has become its unwitting channel.


I’ve been writing a lot too.  Since I graduated high school, writing has been art, craft, creation, recreation, necessity, passion, sedation, seduction, microscope, telescope, celebration, eulogy, and memoir.  So it’s no surprise that my daily journaling, my reading, and my creative writing are in overdrive.


I’ve been connecting remotely  with others: Tuesday afternoons, my longstanding Sisters of Sophia book club, Tuesday evenings, a “happy hour”  with former colleagues; weekly Wednesday afternoon conference calls with the League of Women Voters.  Several video calls with medical providers.  Family group video calls.  I have had to dress more now (from the waist up, at least) than I have since I retired.  But I love that connection. I thrive on it…and I have always thought myself an introvert.  Even though I wrote this article, I do not want the last word.


What has sustained you?  What have you been doing to stay connected?


What do you do to make this time valuable to you (not “productive”, it does not have to be productive, even a good rest is valuable.)


Or on a mundane level, what do you and your spouse talk about over breakfast for the 52nd day in a row?


Take a moment to drop a reply [in the box below].   Or just tell me that you are here.  Peace, and all good.


Social distancing flowers



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